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Bring the outback in, with our wild Australian animal felt figures. Destined to be a lively and unique addition to nature tables and small world play scenes, these fascinating creatures will evoke curiousity like no other. Pair with a selection of branches, rocks and play silks for a fun-filled, nature-inspired investigation.

Playset includes a felt box, a tree, a platypus, a kangaroo, a koala and a wombat.

Animals vary from 10 -15 cm  in height to 13-20 cm in length.

Pashom is dedicated to supporting cottage craft and Fair Trade industry in Nepal and empowering women to become self sufficient and to reach their full potential. Our team of 35 artisans come from various regions of Nepal and India and from mixed socio-economic backgrounds. Many are single mothers supporting their children’s wellbeing and education, and we are so happy to be able to provide them with the security of fulltime employment and a loving and supportive workplace. Our artisans are very proud of their work and the love and pride imbued in our products can truly be felt.

Pashom "Aussie Animals" Felt Playset

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